Ash Kreider

An epistolary game for 2 players of trope-y queer romance
A Ghibli-inspired fantasy tabletop RPG about queer romance, found family, and finding healing through belonging.
A roleplaying game about women (cis and trans) and non-binary people fighting a desperate war to save their homeland.
three emotional safety tools for playing TTRPGs online
a comedy LARP about gender essentialism, heterosexism, and the rigidity of gender expectations
tragic stories about the fall of a magical kingdom
Muslim Knights sworn to defend Islamic Spain at the beginning of the Crusades.
Final Fantasy-themed campaign setting and source book
a LARP about artificial intelligence, memory, and sentience
A satire RPG where the men are men and the women are sexy
a LARP about gendered power dynamics and bodily autonomy
A nano-game of validation and profanity
Three nano-game zines originally handed out at GenCon 2018
An educational resource about how abuse works, please don't play this
a budgeting tool for TTRPG and LARP Kickstarters
A summary of analytics and lessons learned, for help in TTRPG Kickstarter budgeting

Tabletop Games and Settings


Educational Games and Resources

Nano Games